Hunt Groups

Home | Help GuidesPrint and shareHunt Groups Table of contents Modifying the Hunt Group Name Modifying Hunt Group Settings Modifying Assigned Users to the Hunt Group   A Hunt Group is used to ring a specific group of users in a predetermined pattern within or across locations when a call is made to the Hunt Group telephone number. As business … Read More

Auto Attendants

Home | Help GuidesPrint and shareAuto Attendants Table of Contents Recording Custom Auto Attendant Greetings Prior to Installation Edit the Auto Attendant Dialing Menu Options Creating and Configuring Holiday Schedule Setting up Temporary Night Mode for Meetings/Early Closures   The Auto Attendant is used to route calls to various destinations, employees within your company, specific groups of employees, voicemail, or … Read More

Disaster Redirect

Home | Help GuidesPrint and shareDisaster Redirect Disaster Redirect refers to the ability for sites to continue receiving calls and conducting business even when the most unpredictable situations arise, such as severe weather, local construction activity, large call volumes, or malicious attacks that result in a loss of voice and data connectivity. The Disaster Redirect page is accessed from the … Read More


Home | Help GuidesPrint and shareDirectory Table of Contents Common Phone List Personal Phone List Enterprise Directory Custom Contact Directories   The Directory page is where you can set up and configure the following directories for your organization: Common Phone List Personal Phone List Enterprise Directory Custom Contact Directories Common Phone List This is used to manage the group’s shared … Read More

Feature Access Codes

Home | Help GuidesPrint and shareFeature Access Codes The Feature Access Codes page shows all the functions you can perform by dialing the assigned code. If two codes are listed for a function (*34 or #88, for example), you can use either code. This page is accessed within the admin portal from the Group Services page. Note: A feature access … Read More

Calling Plans

Home | Help GuidesPrint and shareCalling Plans Table of Contents Digit Strings Incoming Calling Plan Outgoing Calling Plan Call Types   The Calling Plans page manages the calling plans for members in your group or department. This page is accessed within the admin portal from the Group Services page. When configuring the you Calling Plan settings, first select the group … Read More

Call Pickup

Home | Help GuidesPrint and shareCall Pickup The Call Pickup service enables a telephone call to be answered by anyone within a defined group. For example, a call to a company’s customer support number could be answered by anyone within a customer service group. To access Call Pickup settings, follow these steps: From the dashboard of the admin portal, select … Read More

Call Park

Home | Help GuidesPrint and shareCall Park Table of Contents Settings for Call Park Settings for Group Call Park Settings for all Parked Calls Call Park Groups   The Call Park service lets users place a call on hold so that any member of the call park group or enterprise can retrieve it by using the Call Park Retrieve service. … Read More


Home | Help GuidesPrint and shareDepartments Table of Contents Adding and Editing Departments Departments and Group Services   The Departments section of the admin portal lists all the departments in your group. Departments represent subsets of users within a group and users represent individuals within a group or department. Creating departments allows you to create a department administrator. With this … Read More

Call Detail Records

Home | Help GuidesPrint and shareCall Detail Records As the administrator, you have the ability to run Call Detail reports on all users or a specific user to view the most placed, received and missed calls. To generate a report, follow these steps: Select Call Details from the left-hand navigation. Select the specific user or all users in the User … Read More