Post Training Guide – Administrator

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Post Training Guide - Administrator

Accessing the Admin Portal

The Spectrum Admin Portal can be found at:

Before you begin, you will be provided an administrator username and password via email. The admin login will be in the form of (name.admin) and not a DID login, as those are for end-users. If you cannot find your admin credentials, please contact your project manager or contact the Spectrum Hosted Voice Customer Care team to reset, by dialing 611# from any Spectrum phone in your office.

Login by entering your Username and Password, then click login. You are routed to the Dashboard where you have access to these areas where most of your business and user configurations will take place:

  • Group Profile - this allows you to view and modify all of your group-level information such as time and holiday schedules, business hours, and call capacity.
  • Group Services - this allows you to make changes to your group profile, greetings, auto-attendant, hunt groups, call centers, and call park settings.

Set Up and Configure Your Business Operating Schedules

Time schedules are used to route incoming calls based on the day of the week and/or time of day. Schedules are classified as either Business Hours or Holiday.

Reset a User’s Portal Password or Voicemail Passcode

Although administrators can access user pages, the passwords and passcodes remain private. However, administrators can still reset a user's web portal password or voice portal passcode by issuing a new one.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. From the Dashboard, select the Manage Users tab.
  2. Select the name of the user from the User drop-down menu in the Profile tab.
  3. This image shows the managed users window - Image opens in full resolution in a new tab
  4. Under the Password reset section, enter the new User Password or Voice Portal Passcode. You may also automatically create one by clicking Generate.
  5. Confirm the password by re-entering it in the Re-type field.
  6. This image shows the password reset window.
 - Image opens in full resolution in a new tab
  7. To keep your changes, click Save

Set Up and Configure Your Auto Attendant

The Auto Attendant is used to route calls to various destinations, employees within your company, specific groups of employees, voicemail, or other outside numbers – without the assistance of an operator or receptionist. They also provide callers with your company Greeting and Dialing Menu options.

The Auto Attendant has three modes - one for Business Hours, one for After Hours, and one for Holiday Hours. Each mode allows you to set up options for keys 1 through 9, pound (#) and star (*) to present callers with different choices from which to select.

Set Up and Configure Your Hunt Group

A Hunt Group is used to ring a specific group of users in a predetermined pattern within or across locations when a call is made to the Hunt Group telephone number. As business needs change, the Admin can adjust the following items within the admin portal:

  • Hunt Group Name and how it displays on the members’ of the Hunt Groups phones.
  • Settings for Ring Pattern, Call Forwarding, and Not Reachable scenarios.
  • Assignment of users to the Hunt Group.

Set Up Your Disaster Redirect

Disaster Redirect refers to the ability for sites to continue receiving calls and conducting business even when the most unpredictable situations arise, such as severe weather, local construction activity, large call volumes, or malicious attacks that result in a loss of voice and data connectivity.

The Disaster Redirect page is accessed from the left-hand navigation in the admin portal. Here you can assign a user with a Redirect Number.

Note: This feature is only available to users who have the premium or plus package. If the primary number becomes unavailable, calls will be redirected to the numbers saved here.

Enter the alternate number next to the user and select Save.

The image shows the disaster redirect page with redirect options. - Image opens in full resolution in a new tab