Call Center Overflow

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Call Center Overflow

You use this section to configure the call center routing policy when many calls have been received or calls have been waiting longer than the configured threshold.

Configure the Action settings. Select from the following:

  1. Perform busy treatment
  2. Transfer to phone number/SIP-URI and then enter the SIP-URI in the text box
  3. Play ringing until caller hangs up
  4. Select the overflow time. Check or uncheck Enable overflow after calls, wait seconds, and enter the number of seconds in the text box.

Select to play an announcement before overflow processing. Then select the announcement. Choose from the following options:

  1. Select the Default option to play the system default announcement.
  2. To play announcements from a URL, choose the URL option and enter up to four URL addresses.
  3. To add a custom announcement, select the Custom option and choose a file from the drop-down menu. Please see guide on custom greetings.
  4. Click Save.
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