Poly Trio C60 – Quick Start Guide

Table of contents


Your Device

Front view of Poly VVX. Description of button locations is listed above this image. Image opens in full resolution in a new tab.
  1. Volume keys
    1. Adjusts the volume of the audio from the speakerphone and ringer.
  2. Mute key
    1. Mutes the microphones during calls and conferences.
  3. Proximity sensor
    1. Wakes the system when it detects user movement nearby.
  4. Touchscreen
    1. Select items and navigate menus on the touch-sensitive screen.
  5. Speaker and microphones
    1. Sends your audio to call participants and provides audio output for the ringer and speakerphone.
  6. Security slot (on back)
    1. Attach a universal security cable lock to your phone so you can secure it to a desktop.
  7. Settings
    1. Opens the Trio settings menu.
  1. Back
    1. Returns to the connected system’s display menu.
  2. Menu
    1. Opens the connected system’s menu.
  3. Keypad
    1. Opens the system display and the Trio dial pad.
  4. Select
    1. Selects a field of displayed data.
  5. Navigation Keys
    1. Navigates through information and menus on the connected system’s display.
  6. Call
    1. Calls the entered number.
  7. End
    1. Ends the active call.
  8. Home
    1. Returns to the Trio controller’s Home screen.
  9. Previous
    1. Returns to the previous Trio settings menu.

Using Your Device

  1. Placing Calls
    1. Using the dialpad, enter a number then select Dial.
    2. To place a call using Recent Calls, select Recent Calls from the Home screen or from the Place a Call screen. Then select a contact and tap Dial.
  2. Answering Calls
    1. To answer an incoming call, tap the Answer key on the Incoming Call screen.
    2. To answer a new call while on an active call, select Answer to place the current call on hold and answer the new incoming call. To resume the held call, select Resume.
  3. Placing Calls on Hold and Resuming Calls from Hold
    1. To place an active call on hold, select Hold.
    2. To view and resume a held call, select Resume, or from the Calls screen, select the call to resume and then tap Resume.
  4. Initiating Conference Calls
    1. Call the first contact. After they answer, select Add.
    2. Dial another number or select another contact from the Contacts or Recent Calls list. They will be added to the conference call once they answer.
    3. To merge an active call and held call together in a conference, select a held call from the Calls screen. Then select Merge to join it with the current active call.
  5. Setting Up Your Default Transfer Option
    1. Go to Menu > Settings > Basic > Preferences. Select Default Transfer Type and choose your preferred transfer method.
  6. Performing a Blind Transfer
    1. During a call, select Transfer. Dial a number or select a contact to transfer to from the Recent Calls or Contacts list. The call will transfer to the selected contact automatically.
  7. Performing a Consulted Transfer
    1. During a call, select Consult. The current call will be placed on hold. Dial a number or select a contact to transfer to from the Recent Calls or Contacts list. When the recipient answers, announce the call and then select Complete Transfer to transfer the held caller to their line.
  8. Adjusting the Speaker Ringer Volume
    1. To change the speaker volume during an active call, tap the Volume Up or Volume Down buttons next to the Touchscreen.
    2. To change the ringer volume, when the phone is in the idle state, tap on the Volume Up or Volume Down buttons.