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Hoteling allows users, assigned with the “Hoteling – Guest” feature, to associate their service profiles with specified phones other than their own. These phones would require the “Hoteling – Host” feature.

The Hoteling service is typically used by transient employees or shared phones.

For example, a company can set up visitor cubicles with phones that visiting employees can use with their own service profiles.

Enabling Hoteling

  1. Press GuestIn softkey to login on as a Guest on a Host device.
  2. Enter your Extension (or 10-digit phone number) and voicemail 4-digit passcode and press the Ok soft key. The phone will verify your login credentials with the platform. After successful verification, the phone will display your guest profile.
  3. Note: if you're part of an organization that uses site/location codes, your location code will display before your regular extension.

  4. Press GuestOut softkey to end hoteling.
  5. Note: In order to use this service, specific phones will have to be designated as guest phones solely to be used for Hoteling.