Modifying Call Center Settings

Within Call Center Settings you can configure Call Center features like Ring Pattern. The Ring Pattern is the pattern incoming calls will ring to agents when an inbound call comes into the call center and/or call queue.

    1. From the UCEP dashboard, go to Call Centers.
    2. Click on the Call Center you wish to modify.
    3. Select the Settings icon.
    4. Find the Group Policy feature and define your ring pattern. These can be from the following:
        1. Circular - This option rings agents’ phones one-at-a-time, always ringing the agent’s in the same order. The system notes the last agent to answer a call, then rings the next agent on the Assigned Users list.
        2. Regular - This option rings agents’ phones one-at-a-time, always starting with the agent configured at the top of the Assigned Users list first, followed by the agent listed beneath, in sequential order.
        3. Simultaneous - Rings all assigned users at once.
        4. Uniform - This option rings agents in the group who has been idle the longest.
        5. Weighted Call Distribution - This option allows you to direct a certain percentage of calls to individual agents. For example, Agent A is designated to receive 20 percent of calls, while Agent B receives 80 percent. Select Edit to assign weights (or percentages) to agents. These weight assignments must total 100 percent.
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