Anywhere Connect Desktop – Troubleshooting

  1. Why can’t I chat with contacts from Yahoo?
    1. Chatting with users in other domains is possible, but depends on the domain. For instance, BroadCloud supports Google federation but not Yahoo. However, group chat is not supported in Google federation, so the group chat option with those contacts is shown in gray.
  2. Why can’t I change the avatar?
    1. Double-clicking the Avatar should open a File Explorer view to select a file. If your XMPP connection is lost, changing the avatar does not succeed. A lost XMPP connection is indicated in the main window’s top notification area.
  3. My contacts are all offline and my client’s status bar says “XMPP unavailable.” What does this mean?
    1. It means that the XMPP connectivity has been lost for chat, as well as for presence; however, you can still make calls. You should contact support.
  4. Why am I offline?
    1. If you have selected Offline status, you are shown as offline to others. Another possibility is that you may have lost your Internet connection. In this case, the client does not log out, but rather enters an offline mode where a contact list is available but communication is not possible.
  5. Why can’t I have more video resolutions available?
    1. You can choose your video resolution from Preferences and the Video tab. Your selection is used by default for future video calls. The available resolutions are automatically presented based on your camera.
  6. Why can’t I change my user name and password?
    1. Username and password editing is not supported in the client. To edit your user name or password, contact Spectrum Enterprise support. In the preferences, the client only supports changing desktop sharing credentials.
  7. Why does my all-day calendar entry not trigger “Busy – In Meeting” presence status?
    1. All day meetings do not trigger a presence change to Busy – In Meeting. To trigger the presence update, the meeting must be self-generated or accepted (tentative or fully accepted). The presence update is only triggered by appointments and meetings that are either accepted by the user or made by them.
  8. Why aren’t all my group chat messages saved?
    1. Only the newest chat room messages are stored on the server.
  9. Why aren’t all my chat messages available in my other devices?
    1. All 1-1 chat messages are saved, but only locally, so they are not necessarily available in your other devices. Incoming messages are sent to all devices; however, the ones that you send are only stored in the device that you are using to send the message.
  10. Why can’t I change the XMPP address of a contact?
    1. This is not supported in this release.
  11. Why does my location show an incorrect address?
    1. It is done based on the public IP address that the machine is using. The IP address is mapped to a physical location. You can also manually change the location by clicking the avatar and changing the location icon.
  12. Why can’t I start desktop sharing?
    1. To share your desktop, you need to have valid credentials, either by manually entering desktop sharing credentials in the Preferences → Credentials window, or by using auto-provisioning to enable the desktop sharing menu items and icons. However, you can participate in desktop sharing sessions even without any sharing credentials.
    2. Note: Only available with Anywhere Connect Enhanced and Premium.