Spectrum Omnichannel Supervisor Guide

Become a Queue Supervisor

When a user has an Omnichannel Supervisor license, they can be both an Agent and a Supervisor of omnichannel queues.

Modifying the Supervisor list must be completed through the portal. Once in the portal a list of all users with Supervisor licences will be available. Users can quickly be added or removed from a queue.

Show Queued and Reserved Conversations

Supervisors can view all queued and reserved conversations for all queues. The settings to configure this can be accessed in the Unity Client application.

  1. Select Tools and navigate to Settings.
  2. Open the Services tab.
  3. Under Contact Center, choose Supervisor. A configuration menu will appear.
  4. Select the Conversations tab.
    1. Check the relevant options to Show queued conversations in the activity list or Show reserved conversations in the activity list.
  5. Select OK to save the changes.
    Accessing Conversations under Supervisor in Services Menu

Transfer and Close Conversations

Supervisors can transfer and close conversations by right clicking them and selecting the relevant option.

Agents and Supervisors can transfer all conversations (except Web Chats) to any other agent regardless of their online status. The conversation will automatically be reserved by the new agent.
Web Chats cannot be transferred or closed by the Supervisors because it’s a real-time conversation.

Silent Monitor Conversations

Supervisors can silent monitor all conversations by double clicking on the reserved conversation in the Activity window. The Supervisor will be able to view the entire conversation.

Silent Monitor a Conversation in the Activity Window