Anywhere Connect Desktop – Share

This guide takes you through the steps for how to share your desktop with contacts using Anywhere Connect.

Share desktop

To share your desktop with another user, follow the steps below.

  1. While in the communication window, select the Start Sharing icon.
  2. Communications window for the Anywhere Connect for Desktop is shown with an active chat. The Screen Sharing icon is highlighted - Image opens in full resolution in a new tab
  3. Next, to start sharing your desktop select the Start Desktop Sharing button.
  4. The person who you are attempting to share with will receive a message to Click to Open Share.
  5. Once you are sharing, you can select the Pause Desktop Sharing button to pause what the viewer is seeing or the End Sharing button to end the desktop share, and at any point, you can select Copy Link to copy the invitation link to your clipboard and email it to another person.

To hide or unhide the Chat view, click the Chat button in the Communications window.

If you are using dual monitors, the client should share the primary monitor. If you have been sharing different monitors, make sure that you want to share the primary monitor.

You can check the primary monitor in the operating system settings. You can also remove desktop share participants. They are also removed from the group chat at the same time. If needed, the removed participants can join later.