Setting up Voicemail From Your Poly Phone

Table of contents


Setting up Voicemail

To Set up Your Voicemail box:

  1. Click the Messages button on your phone. This will dial in to the Spectrum Voice portal.
  2. Message center icon highlighted on phone. Image opens in full resolution in a new tab.
  3. Enter your temporary voicemail password - If you do not have your temporary voicemail password, please see your system administrator. Your system administrator should be provided a Cut Sheet or User List from their Project Manager. This spreadsheet will list everyone’s password under the Voicemail Password column. However, if they do not have this spreadsheet, the system admin can log in to the Spectrum Tech Admin portal and reset a user's voicemail password.
  4. Your temporary password will expire immediately and you will be prompted to create a new voicemail password.
  5. Your new password must be between 4 - 8 digits long and can not be your extension or commonly used passcodes like 1111, 2222, or 1234, etc.
  6. Next, you will be prompted to record your name announcement. This recording is simply just your name or your name and job title. This is not a full voicemail greeting. The voicemail system will insert your name announcement in to generic greetings.
  7. After recording and saving your name announcement, follow the prompts to get to the Voicemail Main menu.