Poly TRIO 8300 – Quick Start Guide

Your Desktop Device

An image of the Poly TRIO 8300 conference phone with the feature keys highlighted and labeled. - Image opens in full resolution in a new tab.
  1. Speaker
    1. The speaker is in the center of the phone. The speaker provides ringer and hands-free (speakerphone) audio output.
  2. Softkeys
    1. The functions for the softkey buttons appear directly above them on the display. Their functions are context-sensitive, which means the function of the softkeys changes depending on your current activity. For example, if you are conferencing, the softkeys display functions related to the conference feature.
  3. Home Button
    1. The Home button is located to the right of the navigational keys. Press this button from any screen to return to the Home screen.
  4. Volume Button
    1. These keys adjust the volume of the handset, headset, speaker, and ringer.
  5. Mute Button
    1. The mute key mutes the microphones during calls and conferences. The key glows red when activated.
  6. End Button
    1. The end button ends an active call.
  7. Answer Button
    1. The answer button answers an incoming call.
  8. Back Button
    1. This button cancels actions or returns to the previous screen when pressed.
  9. Navigational Button
    1. By pressing left or right, you can scroll through the options and lists on the display up or down. To select an item, press the OK button in the center of the four-way navigation arrows. To cancel or back up to a previous screen, press the cancel (X) button below the down navigation arrow.
  10. Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
    1. This allows you to power your phone as well as receive data via a Cat5/6 cable. No power adapter needed if using this port.
Alt: An image of the back of the Poly TRIO 8300 conference phone with the feature keys highlighted and labeled. - Image opens in full resolution in a new tab.

Using Your Desktop Device

  1. Placing Calls
    1. To place a call, press the Place a Call button. Enter the contact’s phone number on the keypad. The call will be placed automatically.
    2. To place a call via your Contacts or Recent Calls list:

    3. Press the Callers softkey from the Home screen. Then press on the desired Contact. The call will automatically be placed.
  2. Answering Calls
    1. You can choose to answer the call-in different ways when you receive an incoming call on Poly Trio.
    2. To answer a call, press the Answer button or pick up the headset.
    3. To answer an incoming call when you’re already on an active call:

    4. Press the Answer soft key on your phone. Your first call will automatically be placed on hold. To retrieve your first call, navigate to the call you wish to resume. Then, press the More soft key, followed by the Resume soft key.
  3. Placing Calls on Hold and Resuming Calls from Hold
    1. To put an active call on hold, press the Hold soft key. The call screen will display the call is On-Hold. To resume the call, press on the More soft key and then press the Resume soft key.
  4. If you have more than one call on hold, select the call you wish to reconnect with and press the Resume key.

  5. Initiating Conference Calls
    1. To initiate a Conference Call while on an active call:
    2. First, press the More soft key and then press the Conference soft key. Next, press the “Add” icon, this will automatically place the first call on hold. Enter the second contact’s phone number. The contact is added to the conference after they answer the initial call.
    3. To join two calls into a Conference Call:

    4. You can join an active call and a call on hold by pressing the Merge Calls soft key.
  6. Setting Up Your Default Transfer Option
    1. How you transfer a call on Poly Trio varies depending on the default transfer type. You can either set the default to a Blind or Consulted Transfer. To do this:
    2. Press the Home button to access the Main Menu, then navigate to Settings, and then select Basic. Choose Preferences. Select the Default Transfer Type and select the type of transfer you would like.
  7. Performing a Blind Transfer
    1. A Blind or Unattended transfer takes place when you transfer a call to someone else without announcing the call first. To conduct a blind transfer when your default transfer is set to Blind:
    2. While on an active call, press the More soft key proceeded by the Transfer soft key. Enter the destination number to transfer the call to. The call will transfer automatically.
  8. Performing a Consulted transfer
    1. A Consulted or announced transfer is performed when you announce the call to the recipient prior to transferring the call. To conduct a consulted transfer when your default transfer is set to consult:
    2. While on an active call, select the More soft key, proceeded by the Consult soft key. The caller is automatically placed on hold. Enter the destination number to transfer the call. Once the party answers, announce the call. Press the Complete Transfer key to complete the transfer.
  9. Adjusting the Speaker and Ringer Volume
    1. To change the speaker volume during an active call, press the volume up or volume down buttons next to the Touchscreen.
    2. To change the ringer volume, when the phone is in the idle state, press on the volume Up or volume Down buttons.