Anywhere Connect Desktop – Presence

For each contact you have subscribed to, you can see their presence. Similarly, your contacts can see your presence on their contact list. Presence means that your friends are able to see whether you are available to communicate, for example, “I’m busy” or “I’m available”.

This guide gives an overview of your Presence Status information and how to view a contact’s presence status.

Presence Status

  1. To change your Presence Status, select the drop-down menu next to your Avatar image.
  2. Then, select one of the available options. You can choose from Available, Away, Busy and Offline.
  3. Note: If you choose Offline as your status, you will not be able to view any of your contacts’ presence statuses.

    Anywhere Connect displaying status options for available, away, busy and offline - Image opens in full resolution in a new tab

    You can have your Outlook calendar automatically change your presence to Busy - In meeting, by enabling this in your Preferences under Extensions. The presence update is only triggered by appointments and meetings that are either accepted by the user or made by the user.

    Note: If you see an error message at the top of the main window ("XMPP Unavailable"), it means that the XMPP connectivity has been lost for chat and presence; however, you can still make calls. If you see this error, you should contact support. The XXMP address of a contact cannot be changed. Instead, you must delete the old address and create an new one.

    Location - Location in presence is done based on the IP address that the machine is using. The IP address is mapped to a physical location. To change the location manually, select the location and a pop-up window will appear, allowing you to choose Use manual location.

    Viewing a Contact’s Presence Status – If you subscribe to a contact, you will create a Presence relationship with that person. This means you can see the contact’s current Presence Status, his or her location, as well as any Status Messages he or she has posted.

    To subscribe to a contact, right click on the contact’s name and select Subscribe. The contact you wish to subscribe to will receive a notification. Once accepted, the Presence relationship will be established.

    Anywhere Connect with Contact options window highlighting Subscribe - Image opens in full resolution in a new tab

    Note: The same process applies when adding contacts from the company directory.

    If you unsubscribe from a contact, you will remove the Presence relationship between yourself and that contact. This means you will no longer see the contact’s Presence information and that contact will not see yours.

    To unsubscribe, right click the contact, then select Unsubscribe.

    Anywhere Connect with Contact options window highlighting unsubscribe - Image opens in full resolution in a new tab

    Note: Unsubscribed contacts remain in the contacts list, although no presence information is shown. You must remove the contact to delete that person from your contacts list.