Features (Version Control)

These sections contain the necessary information to get started with Anywhere Connect - Android app:

Version Control

Version control is supported using the Play Store mechanism. When a new release is available, the old version is removed from the Play Store and users of the previous version are notified about the update possibility.

Privacy Management

Anywhere Connect supports authentication with a user name and password for different services and servers requiring authentication. For convenience, the end user can save a user name and password for different realms.

When the end user adds contacts to the Contacts list, these contacts receive a New Subscriber dialog asking whether they allow the end user to see their presence. This information is stored in this contact’s presence policies.

At any time, the user can edit the presence policies, (which are stored on the server). The user can see all contacts that are allowed to view the user’s presence (white list) and users that are not allowed to view the user’s presence (blacklist). This feature requires a compatible presence server.

Failover and Failback

The client supports failover and failback mechanisms for all used protocols: Xsi, XMPP, and SIP. This feature is used to:

  • Detect multiple connection endpoints (per protocol).
  • Order connection points by priority.
  • Connect to the highest priority connection point.
  • Reconnect to the next connection point by priority one (if there is a problem with the primary connection point).
  • Provide a failback mechanism to switch back to the primary, (which is the highest priority connection point).