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Contacts are the people with whom you communicate and, in most cases, you see their presence and share your presence with them. This guide will give you an overview of how to add and edit contacts within your Anywhere Connect Desktop Client.


Adding Contacts

Your Contact List is used to store contacts with whom you frequently communicate and wish to share presence information. When you sign in for the first time, there are no contacts on your contact list.

  1. To add a contact, select the Search and Dial text box and enter the name, partial name, phone number or partial phone number.
  1. Expand the Directory Headers to find the contact to add.
  2. Find the contact to add, then right click and select Add Contact.
  1. Once added, you can select on the Contacts tab on the main window to view the contact.

You can also add a contact by selecting the Add icon next to the Search and Dial field. Then, select Add Contact. A pop-up window will appear where you can fill in the contact information. By default, your presence information is always shared with a new contact if an Extensible Messaging and Protocol (XMPP) address is provided.

Note: By accepting a contact request, you may see the contact appear in your Contact List.

Editing Contacts

Edit a contact by selecting the contact first. After you select the contact, right-click anywhere in the selected contact and a menu of options appears. This base principle is the same for normal contacts, conference contacts, and groups.

  • Unsubscribe removes the presence relationship between you and that contact. This means you do not see the contact’s presence information and your contact does not see yours. To re-establish the presence relationship, select Subscribe. An unsubscribed contact remains on the contact list and is always shown without an icon. Any contact that is not presence-enabled is shown in the same way.
  • Delete Contact removes the contact from your contact list.
  • View Profile opens the Contact Information dialog box where you can add, edit, or remove information. This works for both normal and conference contacts.
  • Set as Favorite adds the contact to your Favorites directory.
  • For groups, choose the Edit menu option to rename a group.